Flat Fee Probate                

Most wills are probated without a contest from any source.  This web site attempts to point out in a straight-forward manner exactly what steps will be required in an uncontested probate.


Basic services - Provided in all Uncontested Probates and included in the "flat fees" quoted

  • Review of Decedent's Will to insure validity and to determine what will be required to allow the court to admit it to probate;
  • Meet with proposed executor to gather information required to make application for probate;
  •  Preparation of Application for Probate;
  •  Filing of application and original of Will with Court;
  • Publication and posting of the probate application;

  •  Setting of a hearing on application in the proper court;
  • Court appearance and presentation of evidence in support of application;
  • Prepare and file proof of facts, oath of executor and order admitting will to probate; 
  • Hand carry oath of office of executor and present to a clerk of court authorized to issue letters testamentary;
  • Order and supply to executor the letters testamentary;
  • Work with executor to prepare an inventory of items belonging to the estate;
  • Filing of inventory with the Court;
  • Consult with survivors and/or family as requested by executor or executrix to determine if  other special legal needs exist.

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 "Uncontested " (basic services) for purposes of this presentation is defined as a will/probate where there are no questionable circumstances or conditions (i.e., mental capacity , undue influence, etc.) .